Homeless Horse Productions

I was approached by another film producer who had learned that I was providing design work for High Grove House Productions. As a result, this producer enlisted my services for a logo design. The producer briefed me on the idea of a character for the business concept, conceived as ‘the homeless horse’. From initial sketches and example material, I developed the client’s idea, and the character became the persona to embody the beliefs of the business.

The horse is symbolic of the company ideals, as it relays the serious nature of the films, yet with an unexpected twist. The homeless horse represents the sombre issues present in the films, but addresses them in a way that is approachable for the audience. I approached this project with the excitement of having a new challenge, as I had never constructed a logo using illustration. I found it enjoyable creating the character with balance, space and irony.


— Branding
— Identity Design 
— Digital Media


To create a brand that was serious yet had refined hilarity