Go Aussie

Go Aussie is a new business in the car rental market. I was briefed and contracted by a web marketing agency about the need for this business to create a corporate identity that represented their core values and mission statement. From the initial stages of research, I developed a typographical solution for Go Aussie. In the research and idea generation stages, I was inspired to create a visual representation of movement and direction as the core focus of the logo.

In the secondary stages of the design process, I explored two main categories; colour, and symbolism.
The client’s predetermined colours of green and gold were used to represent the national colours of Australia. However, these were a challenge to incorporate into this piece due to their fluorescence. I aimed to uphold the traditional values of the national colours while keeping them visually appealing and contemporary. The symbolism that is in the top and bottom separation of the letters represents the road that Go Aussie customers will experience. The ‘G’ in Go signifies to the customer that their journey begins at the start of their rental experience.




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To create a brand that resonates with the Australian way