DG Magazine Competition 2016

DG Magazine run a competition every year for students to take part in the creation of a magazine cover. This cover can conform to any design period or style and adhere to any issue from any era. For my magazine cover, I decided to juxtapose Donald Trump’s controversial political campaign and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi propaganda. When Trump’s doctrine is contrasted to Hitler’s controversial history, the similarities are uncanny. The Vapour Wave design style ties into this issue by using stylistic processes that focus on a nostalgic, glitchy and incomplete system. Our technology is distracting us by continually updating and giving us new features, but perhaps we need to look into the errors that lie within our own power structures and attraction to the cult of personality.
The piece was first composed in Photoshop by restoring an old image of Adolf Hitler and overlaying it onto Donald Trump’s Time magazine portrait. The image was then manually manipulated through the code to deliver colour splitting and glitches. This technique pays homage to the Vapour Wave design style.

—  Layout Design
—  Cover Design
—  Development



To provide a controversial juxtaposition in a modern way